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The customizable, eco-friendly, and affordable skincare brand of your dreams!

For this project, I worked with a team of people to design a business from ideation to final pitch. We started our idea development from studying market trends to find a niche, determining a target customer, and studying our competitors. Once we developed our idea and our value proposition we designed and made renders of our skincare product, researched the needed ingredients to determine our cost, and determined our recourses and partners. Finally we developed a Go-to-Market plan, studied potential fundraising, and pitched our product to a mock board of investors. The pitch we used is shown in the gallery below. As a leader of the group I took on responsibilities such as doing the 3-D modeling, rendering, and packaging design for the product, personally designing the slide deck for our final pitch, and being one of the 3 member of my team to deliver the final presentation.

March-May 2022

Project Gallery

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