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"Coming together to stand alone" Touchpoint's goal is to help those suffering from homelessness get back on their feet in a way that promotes financial independence and confidence without stigma.

This project was for a week long design competition, SCAD Startup 2022, where I, along with a team of 4 peers, had to come up with an app or product to solve the proposed question, "What's Next?". Our team decided to focus on homelessness which is very prevelent in Savannah where we live. We specifically wanted to focus on a way to somehow provide comprehensive financial aid without stigma. Through much research and consulting professionals who have also attempted to tackle this problem, we came up with a solution we called "Touchpoint". The idea is that we make money through general and membership donations, grants, and governmental funding. These funds are ultimately funneled back into the community because of our partnerships with local businesses. Any individual suffering from homelessness would be able to register for a Touchpoint card (styled after a typical credit card) that they would be able to refill weekly at our "atm" styled stations that would be located throughout the city. These cards would predominantly work at certain small businesses throughout the city who agreed to partner with us. After creating this product and a brand around it, we were ready to pitch to a live panel of judges on the day of the competition. The gallery shows our full presentation.

February, 2022

Project Gallery

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